1.5L B Tamper Tool

Ref: 1.5TTB £13.00  

The Tamper Tool is a key accessory with the JTC OmniBlend Jug to assist and aid the user to mix and manipulate the ingredients being blended if needed.

This Tamper Tool is ONLY compatible with the 1.5L 'B' Type (new design) jug. If you are unsure of which type jug you have or if you require any further information or clarification, please contact us. 


JTC OmniBlend 1.5L B Tamper Tool

The 1.5L B Tamper Tool, designed especially for the 1.5L B BPA-Free Square Jug, will make blending the toughest, densest ingredients easier. No need to put any pressure, the simple motion of moving the tamper tool from corner to corner of the Jug will naturally guide your ingredients towards the bottom of the Jug where all the action is happening.


1 Year warranty


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