JTC 1.5L B Empty Spare Jug (Without Blade Assembly, Lid or Tamper Tool)

Ref: JTC 1.5SPRB Empty £55.00  

Also known as the 'Skeleton Jug'!

Due to the high demand of our customers, we now offer the new 1.5L 'B' jug empty on its own without the Blade Assembly, Jug Lid or the Tamper Tool. A lot of our customers just wanted to change the outer shell on its own without spending an additional amount on the Blades Assembly and other parts, and so we have facilitated this for them.

This new Jug is compatible with all of our current JTC Professional and Original Series blenders, and it also fits perfectly inside the OmniShield, just like the original jug. Similar to the old 1.5L jugs, these are also fully stack-able and are composed of the same material (Eastman Tritan Copolyester). These jugs are fitted with JTC OmniBlend's new rustless blades which fit into all of our jug size ranges.

The main difference between the original 1.5L Jug and this new jug is in the shape. Our R&D team is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of the blenders and have done extensive research and gathered customer feedback. Due to this, we have come up with this new design which has been tried and tested for optimum performance. This new Jug tapers at the bottom which results in a tighter and more confined space, leaving very little space between the tips of the blades and the jug wall. This results in giving the ingredients an efficient and much smoother blend in a shorter amount of time.

Instructions for Blade Assembly Replacement

Please follow the below link to view illustrated instruction on how to replace the Blade Assembly:



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