JTC 2.0L BPA-Free Spare Jug

Ref: JTC 2SPR £115.00  

JTC OmniBlend's 2.0L jug comes in a unique shape which helps pulverise and blend ingredients in an efficient way, especially dry ingredients. The shallow base of the jug enables users to blend smaller quantities of ingredients as well.


JTC OmniBlend Spare 2.0L Jug

Designed to blend seamlessly with today's modern kitchen, the JTC OmniBlend 2.0L BPA-Free Jug now allows you to make larger quantities of your creations for your family and or business. Made in America and of the finest Eastman Tritan Copolyester, it can withstand 125KG of pressure and is sold with a tamper tool and a handy lid plug. With a few pulses of soapy water, this Jug will be sparkling clean in seconds and won't absorb any unwanted odours. With a capacity to hold 2.0L, the durable Jug boasts versatility - it can whip up the coolest, creamiest ice cream in minutes and endure the heat of steaming soup.


1 Year warranty


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