JTC OmniBlend V Professional Series with OmniShield I (Counter-top) with 1.5L B Jug MAROON BASE

Ref: JTC TM-800BQM £350.00  

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This TM800BQM model is JTC OmniBlend's most recent addition to its range and available for a short period, while stocks last. It has a Maroon base and comes with JTC OmniBlend's newest arrival, the new and improved 1.5L 'B' Jug!:

  • Compatible with all of our current JTC Professional and Original Series blenders
  • Fits perfectly inside the OmniShield I & II
  • Fully stack-able
  • Composed of the same material (Eastman Tritan Copolyester) as the previous 1.5L Jug and the current 2L Jug
  • Fitted with JTC OmniBlend's new rustless blades which fit into all of our jug size ranges.
  • New design which has been tried and tested for optimum performance
  • New shape which tapers at the bottom giving a tighter and more confined space, leaving very little space between the tips of the blades and the jug wall
  • Efficient and much smoother blend in a shorter amount of time