New & Improved Drive Socket - 4 Series

Ref: SPRDS4 £15.00  

The new & improved Drive Socket has been launched in 2018 after extensive research into improving the quality and longevity of the Drive Socket. This is an integral part of the blender as it takes all the pressure between the stainless steel blades and JTC's powerful 3HP motor. The new design consists of a metal inner sleeve which sits and connects to the motor shaft giving it a robust and metal to metal contact.  

There are two versions of the Drive Sockets, the 4 Series and 5 Series. To ensure you order the correct one, please check the Serial Number of your blender which you will be able to find at the bottom of the base of the machine. If the Series number begins with the number 5, you will require the 5 Series Drive Socket. Any Serial Number beginning with a number lower than 5 will require the 4 Series Drive Socket.

We have provided a step by step guide on how to change a Drive Socket so please refer to that in the tab below. Please get in touch with our service team if you have any further questions.

Drive Fitting Instructions

Please follow the below link to view illustrated instruction on how to change the Drive socket:



An integral part of the JTC OmniBlend, the drive socket sits on top of the motor and engages the BPA-Free Jug to spin the stainless steel blade.


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